Angora rabbit: the softest bunny in the world

Angora rabbits are known for their soft and silky fur, making them one of the world's most beloved domestic companions.

These pets originated in Anatolia, Turkey, but were introduced to Europe in the 15th century and are now widespread throughout the world.

With their adorable appearance and cloud-soft fur, angora rabbits have become a popular choice for many families and animal lovers. In this photo gallery we explore the world of the angora rabbit, the world's fluffiest bunny!

The Angora Rabbit
The angora rabbit is a popular pet, known for its long, soft fur. Originating in Anatolia, Turkey, it was introduced to Europe in the 15th century and has been bred as a pet ever since.
The Angora rabbit has a slender body and long, soft fur, which can be of different lengths and colors. The average fur length is 7-8 cm, but some breeds may have fur longer than 15 cm. The fur can be white, gray, brown, black or other colors.
Wikimedia - Di Clevername - Opera propria, Pubblico dominio,
English variety
This is the smallest variety among the recognized breeds and is used as a pet. It can be either white or with colored spots, and is the only rabbit to have its eyes covered by fur.
Wikimedia - Di Loggie-log - Opera propria, Pubblico dominio,
French variety
This variety has more or less the same colors as the English variety, but usually requires less maintenance effort than the other varieties as far as its coat is concerned. It is larger in size than the English variety.
Wikimedia - By Lanafactum -- - sent to me by the author for publication, CC
Variety Satin
The Angora Satin is derived from crosses between Satin and French Angora rabbits. Its distinguishing characteristic is the luster of its wool, known as "satin."
Wikimedia - By Oldhaus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Giant variety
It is the largest variety of all, is white in color and the eyes are red. This variety originated in order to obtain a rabbit that was more efficient in wool production.
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