Does the cat really appreciate you? Here's how to figure it out

If you are a feline lover, you will no doubt have wanted to better understand the language and signals that cats use to communicate with us humans.

In this photo gallery we explore the nuances of feline affection and give you valuable clues on how to interpret your cat's love.

From tender looks that capture your soul, to soft caresses and body positions, we'll take you through a series of exciting snapshots that will help you recognise when your feline friend is really showing you their appreciation.

Discover the silent language of cats and immerse yourself in this unique photo gallery, where each shot will reveal a part of the mysterious feline world and make you feel even closer to your beloved four-legged companion.

It slowly blinks its eyelids
The first sign that our cat appreciates us can be caught in its gaze. In fact, when the cat looks at its owner by slowly blinking this indicates a sense of calmness and a positive emotional state. To a cat this attitude is similar to our kiss on the cheek.
Meowing to get your attention
The second signal is very easy to recognise. If we are alone in the house and the cat starts meowing, it means that it is trying to attract our attention. This means that it is aware of our existence, which is already a very good sign of affection.
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It follows you
Another easy signal to recognise is the cat following us around the house. As with 'meowing', following someone is a way of attracting their attention, and therefore signifies affection.
It brings you prey
The absolute most important signal is only one: when the cat brings a prey to its owner. This is the cat's highest expression of gratitude towards its owner.
It sleeps with you
Another unmistakable sign that the cat appreciates us is when it chooses to sleep with us. Sleeping time is when the cat is most vulnerable, so this means that it trusts us and certainly appreciates us.
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