Seven signs that your dog loves you: here are the ones

There are various ways in which a dog shows affection and if you want to find out which ones have been reading the right article.

The first way a dog tries to show his love for you is by looking. If your puppy sometimes stares into your eyes, know that he is showing you affection. The second way a dog shows its affection is by imitation. For example, if you are about to yawn and your dog does the same, it is a gesture he makes to join you.

A dog shows affection even with gestures very similar to those of humans. Browse the photo gallery to find out which ones.

The dog is always ready to protect you
If your dog has a sense of imminent danger, he will not hesitate to stand in front of you to protect you.
The dog gives you gifts
This behavior demonstrates your pet's willingness to share enthusiasm and happiness.
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The dog fills you with kisses
The dog shows his affection by licking his human friend.
The dog gets belly to the air
The dog is sending two unequivocal signals: the first is that he is ready to receive cuddles, the second is that he has complete confidence in you.
The dog notices when you are not well
When you are not well, the dog will not move away and will try to make his closeness felt.
The dog wags his tail every time he sees you
When the dog wags its tail from side to side to greet and has a playful air, it means that he is happy with your presence.
The dog is looking for you to play
Play is a fundamental aspect in a dog's life: it keeps it active and strengthens the bond.
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