The 5 most unique horses in the world

Horses are among the most beautiful and fascinating animals on the planet and among the various breeds there are some really wonderful ones.

The breeds of horses that we are about to know are particular and not widespread. And perhaps for this reason they are even more beautiful. We are used to dealing with horses but perhaps we do not know that there are breeds that can amaze.

Horses are a symbol of beauty, elegance, strength and agility. And some of them embody even more these unique and spectacular features. How many of these horses we're about to know have you ever seen before in your life?

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The Frisian is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. This horse is native to Friesland and is famous for its thick, often wavy hair.
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Akhal Teke
TheAkhal-Teke is a typical horse breed of the Turkmenistan. For the bright color of its coat it is called "the golden horse".
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The Knabstrup is a horse of Danish origin, known for its spotted coat. It is named after the Danish breeding in which it was obtained. Other features include the white eyepiece sclera, flesh-colored spots around the natural openings, and light stripes on the hooves.
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Gypsy Vanner
The Gypsy Vanner is a cold-blooded horse native to Great Britain. It is recognized by its almost always piebald coat, for the large amount of hair present on the hooves and for the long wavy hair.
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Golden Tennessee horse
The Tenneseehorse, also with a golden coat, is a breed of gait horse known for its peculiar four-stage walking race. It is also recognizable by its flashy movement.
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