Magashi, the baby black rhino that reminds us of the need to protect endangered species

The birth of a third eastern black rhinoceros in the Safari Park Dvur Kralove, in Czech Republic, is hopeful news for the conservation of this critically endangered species. The animal has been named Magashi and is not the only rhino recently born in those parts.

This birth is a unique event, considering that only six such rhinos have been born in zoos around the world in the past year, and as many as three of these cubs were born right in Dvur Kralove.

In this photo gallery, we will explore the circumstances of Magashi 's birth and the broader context of the eastern black rhino conservation.

Welcome Magashi!
The safari park called "Safari Park Dvůr Králové" (located in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech Republic) has reached an important milestone in the preservation of endangered animals, thanks to the birth of a third eastern black rhino in just one year. The cub is a male, named Magashi, and weighs 36 kilograms. (multiple source: ANSA and
An endangered species
The birth of the eastern black rhino was made possible thanks to the efforts of the safari park's herd, which is working to protect this endangered species. The male is the 49th eastern bicorn rhino to be born at the park, which currently houses the largest group of eastern bicorn rhinos in zoos around the world.
Nice company
Magashi was born exactly one year after the birth of another male: Kyiv Eda. A female of the same species was also born last December 13.
Happy parents!
The new cub is the first child of the new breeding male Embua, who arrived at the safari park from England in the fall of 2020, while the mother is  17-year-old Maisha.
A very important event
The birth of the eastern black rhino is a very important event for Safari Park Dvur Kralove and for the conservation of the species worldwide. The park continues to work hard to protect these creatures, which are in danger of extinction due to hunting and ivory trade. With the birth of Magashi and the other cubs born in the past year, the park is one step closer in the fight to protect these vulnerable species.
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