Popular myths about cats that are completely false

We are surrounded by many myths and popular beliefs about cats that, moreover, do not always correspond to reality.

In this photogallery we explore 10 of these myths about cats, dismantling each false assumption one by one and instead revealing the truth behind the behaviour of our feline friends.

From the common belief that cats are nocturnal creatures, to the idea that they can only feed on milk, we will discover how they have been disproved by science. 

This photo gallery will surprise you with interesting facts about cats and help you learn more about these wonderful animals that share a domestic life with us. (source:

The cat always lands on its paws
Despite the great agility that distinguishes felines, they are still not infallible; even cats can injure themselves and experience and pain if they "land" wrongly, or for jumping from too high. (Source:
If the cat purrs, it is happy
Purring does not exclusively indicate that the cat is happy. It can also be a manifestation of pain or fear. (Source:
Pregnant women cannot keep cats in the house
In cat litter there is a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii) that, if ingested, can actually infect the woman. However, this does not imply that the cat can no longer live in the house: it is enough to prevent the woman from cleaning the cat litter box. (source:
Making cats drink cow's milk
Kittens (baby cats) can digest cow's milk, while adult cats lose the enzyme needed to digest cow's milk, becoming lactose intolerant as they age. (Source:
At night the cat is much more active
Cats are not nocturnal animals; rather, they are crepuscular, meaning that cats are most active at dusk and dawn. (Source:
One year of a human being is worth 7 years of cats
Nothing could be more wrong: a cat's first year is worth 16 of a human's, the second is worth 9-10 while subsequent years are worth about 4-5 years. (Source:
Better to remove claws than to cut nails
The belief that this is less painful is wrong. Cats whose claws have been removed develop chronic arthritis pain and may even become more aggressive. (Source:
The cat can be vegan
The cat is a carnivore. Feeding a cat a vegan diet will cause serious consequences to the cat's health. (Source:
It is necessary to have a litter of kittens before spaying the cat
Kittens can go into heat as early as 5-6 months of age, and consequently become pregnant. Between the two, however, there is no well-founded correlation. (Source:
Cat stays fit without the need for exercise
Obesity can also affect cats, mainly because the packaged food they are given is high in calories. If you have a cat, it is important that they exercise every day. (Source:
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