Dogs that do not shed their coat: 8 popular breeds

Have you thought about adopting a furry four-legged friend as a family member, but the fear of the inevitable tufts of hair stops you?

This concern is completely normal: more and more people choose a dog that does not lose hair and therefore do not have to face the problem of hair on clothes or at home. In the case of allergic people in the family, this choice of dog is even more important.

For this reason we have prepared a list of 8 popular dog breeds that do not lose their hair. By rating one of these breeds you can enjoy the new family member without worrying about giving up clean clothes and floors. Browse the gallery to discover them!

Bichon Frisé
With proper training they are undemanding companions, also suitable for families with children or for elderly people. However, it is necessary to comb and cut regularly.
Poodle. Among the 5 most intelligent dog breeds in the world and are endowed with great memory. These characteristics, combined with their social temperament, contribute to making it one of the easiest breeds to train.
Yorkshire Terrier
The very popular and fashionable breed of the Yorkshire Terrier has fur consisting only of long hairs that are found only on top of the fur in ordinary breeds.
Coton de tulear
This sociable little dog has earned the label of "canine antidepressant" due to its nature. Coton de tulear is recommended as a calm dog for apartments and for the elderly.
They can be long-haired or short-haired and are available in various colors.
Bedlington terrier
It gets along well with children, is affectionate and cuddly, but outdoors his hunting tendencies overwhelm him. Puppies are born with dark coat, which gradually fades into white.
It is a perfect dog for people suffering from allergies, although regular coat care is necessary.
The schnauzer is a perfect dog for people suffering from allergies, although regular care of the coat is necessary.
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