All about Basenji, the dog that doesn't bark

The basenji is a breed of dog thought to be extinct until the 1800s, when Western explorers discovered it on the plains of the Congo. The peculiarity of this dog, besides being difficult to train and disinclined to submission, is that it does not bark.

Or rather, it is a type of dog with a very distinctive "voice," definitely recognizable and different from all other dog breeds. For this very reason, it is highly valued in hunting because of its quietness.

The earliest records of this dog come directly from Ancient Egypt, and it is especially valued in Anglo-Saxon countries.

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Basenji, a breed rediscovered
This breed of dog was thought to be extinct until the 1800s, when it was rediscovered in the Congo. Indigenous people used it to protect their homes from wild animals, to carry objects, and to hunt game.
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Why basenji doesn't bark
The reason is to be found in the physical conformation of its larynx, which does not have the ability to vibrate like that of other dogs and thus produce the classic barking sound. Some scholars claim it was bred, in Africa, to maintain this characteristic and not attract predators.
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Basenji is not mute
First of all, it is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds in addition to the ability to growl and whine. In addition, it very often performs real "howls," repeating the sound of sirens, bells, musical instruments and the like. Let's say that in general it is capable of attracting attention and yes, even disturbing.
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Training it is possible
In general, it is very difficult to totally train a basenji. He is a dog that gets bored easily, and it is difficult to get him to play with frisbee and balls. With the positive reinforcement method, however, excellent results can be achieved.
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A cat-like dog
The basenji is an extremely clean dog, so much so that it licks itself exactly as a domestic kitty does. It also lacks the typical smell of a dog.
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Perfect for dog shows
He is not infrequently found at the top of dog shows for his agility, strength and elegant movements. If you are interested in adopting one, however, it is necessary to remember all its peculiarities and needs.
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