Once in ten million: rare white bison born in the U.S.

In the United States of America, an extraordinary event occurred recently that attracted attention and made many nature lovers from all over the world happy.

A white bison was born in Bear River State Park, an extremely rare animal estimated to be present in one in ten million births, as reported by 'The Guardian'.

This calf is considered the most sacred living being on Earth for some tribes. Despite its low weight, the calf has shown astonishing health. 

The birth of this white bison is big news that has generated enormous interest and led to a significant increase in the number of visitors to the park, eager to admire this unique rarity up close.

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An extraordinary event
An adorable and extremely rare white bison was born in Wyoming, an event considered extraordinary and of great value to some Native American tribes: an event that happens about once in 10 million, as reported by 'The Guardian'.
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The calf was born May 16 at Bear River State Park, a state park located in the state of Wyoming.
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This calf is the first to be born in the park, from one of the two white buffalo heifers that arrived in 2021. Park staff suspect that the calf's father is a bull named Snort, while the mother is a white buffalo named Wyoming Hope.
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Despite its low weight of only 30 pounds, half that of an average newborn, the calf stood up and started feeding within 15 minutes of birth, proving to be healthy despite its small size. Two other specimens at Bear River State Park can be seen in the photo.
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The white bison is a very rare animal: it is estimated that only one in 10 million has this characteristic. The news of the birth of the white bison has indeed attracted the attention of many people: the park usually sees around 1000 visitors a day, but this figure has increased by 30% because many people want to see the calf up close. Good news for everyone!
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